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What are you looking for in your next dystopian fantasy book series?

We deal in intricate and fleshed out world-building? Interweaving back storiesEaster Eggs that foreshadow events that occur later in the series.

If you're as passionate about the universe your characters exist in as much as the journeys they take then The Vara Volumes Series could be the next fantasy book Series for you.
"This book is a real page-turner. Past the first few rather interesting chapters, once Sammy lands in Vara it's almost like the book reads itself."
-Awesome Indies Books

Dystopian Fantasy

Bored on your way to work? Do you like to read on your Kindle, iPhone or Android device?
But more important than that, are you looking for a new dystopian fantasy book series to sink your teeth into?

Eden at the Edge of Midnight – the first in the Vara Volumes book series is only $1.99
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“She opened her eyes. Then leapt up, heart pounding, and unable to breathe. Where was she?

The scene before her made no sense. It didn’t compute. But there it was. She pressed her hand to her chest and held her breath. This was way wrong. She was outside and she was in a forest… a forest of glowing mushrooms.”

– Sammy arrives in Perseopia for the first time and discovers the Fungi Forest

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